I Took a Walk

Last evening I took a walk in the woods with the intention to be very present and observe nature.  I get inspired by the patterns and colors I see in nature.  I had my phone with me so I could take pictures.  The first thing that caught my eye was this little path

I love the curve of brown surrounded by the green and the dots of yellow flowers.

I then looked up and noticed the tall trees and the space between the tree branches caught my attention. Some are so simple and then the patterns get really complex.  I’ll remember this in my artwork – think about the space between.

As I continued my walk I saw beautiful stone steps leading down.  I’ve been walking here for many years and I didn’t remember seeing these steps before.  I’m sure they’ve always been there but today my attention was focused I was seeing more than usual.

There’s another set of steps a little farther on (I knew about these).  I like the rope railing and the way the steps curve around.

I’ve never walked down the steps.  I like to imagine that they go to a fairy garden.  I thought about the fairies down there playing in the grass and flowers.

As I was heading back to my car the sun was setting and it was beautiful through the trees

The golden light looked like a million candles burning.

So I would say this was a pretty creative walk.  I took pictures so I can remember the shapes and colors and patterns that I can use to provide inspiration for art projects, I used my imagination to make up stories in my head about the fairies and I savored and appreciated the beauty of nature.

What did you do today that was creative?



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