Mosaics Night!

I love Tuesday nights because I get to go to mosaics class at Bella Mosaic Art. It’s the most fun place with the best people!

Tonight I got tiles back that I glazed last week and were fired over the weekend. I always get a little nervous to see how the glazing turned out. Tonight I was very pleased with the results.


I worked on the border tonight.  I cut little square tiles from a slab of clay and used a stamp to press a leaf design in each one.


They’ll get fired and will be ready to glaze next week.  Each step of the project is fun and it’s exciting to see my idea slowly grow into an actual mosaic design.

I must say, I love when I get to make things.  I forget everything that’s going on in my life and just focus on my project.  It’s great to just let go and get lost in art for a while  It recharges me.

What creative things did you do today?






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