Hi, I’m Judy.  I love to make things and I love projects, especially art and craft projects.  I come alive when I’m actively creating and using my imagination.  I’m an artist and a creativity teacher.  I work with nature to help me focus and to inspire me. 

I believe that we’re all creative, but some of us buried our creativity as we were growing up.  As our lives become more complicated and challenging creativity becomes more important to help us solve problems and overcome the challenges we face every day.  Developing your creativity in any area exercises the “creative muscle” and enhances your creativity in all areas.  I want to help everyone rediscover their creativity to enrich their lives and to discover that it’s so much fun to make things!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Judy!
    I too am excited about your/our project/s and I too am preparing. I’ve decided to manage my mosaic-a-week commitment by subdividing the year into months with a theme for each month. I’m working now on developing the themes. And I decided to follow Jessica’s suggestion and build my mosaics on mesh. This will make my work portable when I am on vacation, and make them easier to store. Tomorrow I am going to Blick for mesh, and for a stamping set.
    I would love to borrow your 365 Day book; if you are coming to class on thursday, could you bring it then? Otherwise, perhaps I can pick it up sometime?


    1. Rona, It’s so interesting to hear about how other people approach projects. Your way of going about this is so different than mine and so interesting. I’m excited to learn more about what you’re doing. I’ll leave the book at the studio for you.

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