This afternoon I got a bit bored with work and I started thinking about art journaling.  Not sure why I was thinking about it but I decided I needed to see some examples so I went to Pinterest.  It was so much fun to just take a few minutes and get inspiration from other people’s work.   I get so many ideas and I love that I can save the pictures that inspire me so I can go back when I’m ready and get inspired all over again. Last week I saw a wall hanging that was the phases of the moon and thought of using that idea for a mosaic.  I immediately went to Pinterest and looked up art with moons.  I couldn’t believe how many examples there were!  After looking at all the moons for a while I pretty much had my mosaic designed. Of course, now I have to find the time to actually make it but that’s another story.

I love thinking about and designing art projects.  I love seeing the design in my mind and thinking about the materials I’ll use and how big it’s gonna be and of course, it’s always perfect at this stage.  I get that good feeling in my stomach that tells me it will be a great project.  I can feel it even as I’m writing this.  It’s making me want to run and start working on a project now.

What inspires your creativity?

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