Day 35 – I Grouted the Fifth Week

I decided to grout outside today.  I’m not sure it was any easier than doing it inside.  For some reason I just wanted to be outside, though.  The only real problem was that it started raining as I was grouting the last mosaic.  I got a little wet but no harm.  It seems like every week I use more grout colors. I realized it’s important to have the right color to finish the piece.  I love seeing the finished mosaic after I wipe off the excess grout.  It’s like opening a gift every time.  Next week I’ll take a picture of each step so you can see it too.

My favorite this week is the girl.  I love that I could make a face using simple shapes and it looks like a person.  I’m sure she has something to say.  I’ll let you know when she’s ready to talk.  I love my Earth Spirit too, he still makes me laugh every time I see him.




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