Day 42 – I Grouted Week 6

After six weeks I still love this project and think it was a great decision for me.  The first few weeks were sort of random each day but now I’m starting to focus more.  I hope you’re enjoying seeing each day’s creation as much as I enjoy making them. 

I love the mosaics I made this week.  Trees are definitely one of my favorite subjects.  I had fun working out how to make different kinds of leaves.

Day 36
Day 37







Day 38








Day 39








Day 40









Day 41

3 thoughts on “Day 42 – I Grouted Week 6

  1. The mosaics are so beautiful! The trees (day 39) really speak to me. Well done!

    1. Listen to what the trees have to say. they’re very wise. They wanted to be heard – they called to me after a year to create the mosaic

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  2. They are all so beautiful but I like the bird in the tree the best!

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