Day 45 – Another Design With the Pretty New Glass

I was going to try to make something other than “just a design” but I realized that as I’ve been using the new glass this week I’m starting to run out of some of the colors.  I bought a variety pack of the new glass and it came with a few each of a lot of colors. Now that I know how much I like this glass I can plan a project and get exactly the colors I need to complete it.  I like to do this with new materials so I can try them out before I plan a big project. 

So, you may be wondering what I ended up with this week.  A couple of weeks ago I made little square clay tiles, textured them and painted them with pretty, bright colors. They’re perfect with this glass.

I used an idea that my mosaics teacher showed me for the very first mosaic I made in class just about a year ago. 

I made the ceramic tiles and combined them with the unglazed  clay that I used yesterday.   I think that outlining the ceramic tiles really helps to showcase the handmade tiles.



On today’s piece I outlined my handmade tiles with the glass.

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