Day 59 – The Spaces Between

I was going to do the third part of the beach/ocean mosaic tonight but when I got home I just didn’t feel like it.  So, I had to come up with another idea for tonight.  I got out the jar with my little ceramic tiles to see if any of them would inspire me.  I came across a rectangular piece and then hunted for something to go with it and pulled out a disk-shaped tile.  I put them together and had an exclamation point!  For some reason it really got me excited :).  Then I needed the background.  The left over glass from last night was sitting on my work table.  I started to play around with the glass and I liked it. I loved the shape of the glass pieces that were between the shapes I used last night.  It shows that the spaces between are as important as the positive shapes.

I felt happy when I was done.  The spontaneous process was so satisfying and energizing.

1 thought on “Day 59 – The Spaces Between

  1. Very interesting! Looking forward to seeing it grouted.

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