Day 66 – Fall Colors

This morning as I was driving to work I knew that tonight’s mosaic was going to be trees with their fall colors.  I looked very closely at the trees as I was driving so I could make my mosaic look realistic.  I discovered that the trees didn’t look the way I had been imagining they looked – the colors weren’t nearly as vivid in reality as they were in my imagination and all those green leaves, I thought they were gone with summer.  I thought about what I saw this morning as I was taking out the materials for my mosaic tonight.  I decided that I was going use the colors I saw in my creative mind instead of what I saw outside this morning.  As I worked on my mosaic I felt empowered and I had so much fun creating my version of the trees.  This is another reason to rediscover your creativity.  Think about how fall feels to you and do a painting or a drawing or a mosaic or anything creative that expresses you.  I’m sure it’ll make you feel happy and powerful too!

1 thought on “Day 66 – Fall Colors

  1. This one is truly beautiful! I just want to walk through the forest and shuffle my feet through the leaves…

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