Day 70 – Grouting Week 10

I think this was a pretty good mosaics week.  I especially love yesterday’s – Doodle Flowers and I think the grouting really enhanced the flowers. I’m interested in your comments on this week’s mosaics.  Did any of them speak to you?

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3 thoughts on “Day 70 – Grouting Week 10

  1. I love the wind swirling the leaves and the flowers from your doodle, and of course I love your trees, but my favorite this week is the face. It’s beautiful! I still haven’t conquered doing faces. The small details really bring her to life. She looks so peaceful yet aware of everything. What is she saying to you?

    1. The face was hard to create-for some reason it was more emotional. I think she’s a little sad. Probably reflecting my emotions.

      You can’t really tell but I used black, white and grey glass. I was hoping for more contrast but the white wasn’t bright enough and the grey was very light. I want to try again with colors that show the shadows and highlights.

      I think a good way to practice is to do drawings of people and pay attention to the shadows and highlights. See if you can create a face with a couple of shades of grey and black and white. You can use paint or markers or colored paper. I love this idea. I think I’ll start doing some studies.

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  2. Your work this week was incredible; there is such calm in the face. The trees with fall colors really make me feel like I’m walking through a forest.

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