Day 98 – Grouting Week 14

I’m back on-line!  I hope you’re all recovering after the storm this week.  I was very lucky that all I lost was my cable/internet connection.  I know a lot of people are still without electricity and many are without homes as a result of the storm  My prayers go out to everyone that had a loss this week.

I felt anxious after the storm and had a hard time creating mosaics for a few days.  I knew I couldn’t stop the project, though.  I created a couple of abstract designs that showed my impression of what was going on in nature.   Using art to express my feelings is always helpful.  Sometimes it helps to clarify what I’m thinking about.  I recommend doing a drawing or painting or anything creative when you feel out of sorts.  It helps sort out what you’re feeling, it’s relaxing and it’s a good diversion.

Day 92 – Silhouette of Mom

I took a picture of my mom’s profile a few weeks before she died.  I was so amazed by the changes in her face.  She wasn’t eating much so her face contracted and her chin and nose became more pronounced.  She looked like the pictures of witches or wise women that I’ve seen.

Day 92

Day 93 – The Storm

This is my impression of what was happening during the storm.  Everything was blowing everywhere and the rain was coming down.

Day 93

Day 94 – Halloween

I had to acknowledge Halloween with a pumpkin!

Day 94

Day 95 – After the Storm

Driving home from work on Thursday I noticed that the air felt very clean and the colors were sharp and vibrant.  The rain and wind cleaned everything.

Day 95

Day 96 – Tree

This tree lost all its leaves and they blew away in the storm.  It’s just a little tree and it looks very vulnerable to me.  I feel like it needs a hug.

Day 96

Day 97 – Chakras and Energy Flowing

I went to the Mind Body Spirit Expo and felt energized!

Day 97

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