Day 180 – Cardinal

I can’t believe last night was the half way mark of this project and I fell asleep and didn’t make a mosaic.  I knew exactly what I wanted to make but I was just so tired.  I didn’t want to skip it completely so I created it tonight.

I’ve been obsessed with birds lately.  I made this cardinal about a month ago as a practice for a bigger piece I’m creating with lots of birds.  I just couldn’t figure out a good branch for the cardinal to sit on.  After I did the ice mosaic this week I realized that an icy branch would be perfect!

Mosaic project day 180

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3 Responses to Day 180 – Cardinal

  1. I love this little cardinal!

  2. Pam Hemchar says:

    Beautiful! I think God did his best work when he created the birds and fish and sunsets. He would live your rendition of His creations!

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