Day 201 – Bead Tree

I decided to change the rules a little for the second half of my year-long mosaic project.  I’m finding that on Fridays I often haven’t been in the mood to create a mosaic so I’m giving myself a break and permission to take Friday off if I want to.  If I don’t create a mosaic on Friday I’ll try to do two on Saturday.  The decision feels good to me.

I did think about a mosaic on Friday.  I bought beads a while ago with the intention of making a three-dimensional tree but never got around to it.  I decided that a mosaic bead tree would be fun.  As you can see it’s a summer tree, filled with leaves.  I love the little birds!

mosaic project day 201

2 thoughts on “Day 201 – Bead Tree

  1. I love this one, particulary the stone leaves and sweet little birds tucked into the branches.

    1. This one was really fun to create!

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