Day 214 – Just Us Chickens

Fido didn’t show up tonight.  He must be out with his dog friends.

I wanted to show off the chicken tiles I made.  I used stamps to make the images.  The  stamp I used for the middle one is the opposite of the stamp I used for the top and bottom ones.  Can you see that the middle chicken’s feathers are indented and the other are raised?

mosaic project day 214

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2 Responses to Day 214 – Just Us Chickens

  1. Maureen says:

    Hi Judy,
    I’m having fun looking at the last month or so of Mosaics… Oh my Gosh I love them. I keep imagining how I could create a special grouping of my favorites… thinking of how nice it would look to have some incorporated into the privacy screen I’d like to create this summer.

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