Day 240 – Image of a Cat Purring

This morning I listened closely to my cat’s purring and tuned into the whole experience.  I discovered that there are 3 parts to the purr:  1. the inhale, 2. a low in between sound, 3. the exhale.  I started thinking what the sounds would look like in a mosaic.  Lately, I find my self thinking how just about everything would look like as a mosaic.
Mosaic project day 240

The inhale is the loudest part of the purr.  I saw it as big, round balls.  Then came the soft, low in between sound in the back of her throat.  I saw that as small pebbles rolling around.  Finally, I imaged the exhale as lines of air coming out of her mouth.  I used cool, soothing colors because I find my cat’s purring to be soft and comforting.

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