Day 1 – Start with a Spiral

Day 1!  I can’t believe my project is finally starting.  I’m so excited and now a little scared.  Will I be able to make a mosaic every day and do everything else I have to do in a day and have time to sleep?  We’ll see.  I know that stopping and making a mosaic or doing anything creative is a great way to get a little distance from my “regular” life.  It energizes me and helps me to go on.

This morning I took out all my supplies and arranged them on my work table so I would be ready to go as soon as I got home tonight.  I would have loved to skip work and just create all day. All day I kept remembering that I had to create my first mosaic tonight.  It was sweet to think about. 

I knew from the start that the first mosaic was going to be a blue spiral. The very first mosaic I ever created was a spiral.

I love spirals!  I thought it was going to be plain, 2 colors, nothing fancy; but over the weekend I saw the spiral with leaves on it.  I was surprised but I have learned to go with the design I see in my head.  I thought it was nice with the leaves.  I little extra something to make it more interesting.  I have no idea where the yellow background came from.  It just jumped out at me this morning. 

As I was working tonight I kept going back an forth between wanted to make a great mosaic and wanting to get it done fast.  I reminded myself that if this one doesn’t look exactly like I want it to there’s always tomorrow to try again. That was a great feeling.  It took some pressure off so I could just have fun. 

This project will also be a learning experience with my photography skills.  Starting tomorrow I’ll take pictures during the creation but today I just have this one photo of the end result. 

Tune in tomorrow for Day 2.  I’m looking forward finding out what I will create.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Start with a Spiral

  1. I like how we both worked in yellow, blue & green! I’ll send my photo to you in a text message. How you get it here is up to you. 😀

    1. thanks, I’m so excited to have a buddy on this project!

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