Project Prep

When I introduced my project idea last week I thought that would be all I had to say until the project started; but writing about the project and setting a start date made me think about all I need to do now to be ready for July 30.    Since I’m documenting the whole year of On the 7th Day I Grouted, I would also like to share the process of getting ready.  After all, the preparation is an integral step in the process of creation.

In order to get each day’s mosaic project finished quickly I will have to be very organized.  I’m anything but organized now.  It will take some work but I can do it (I hope).  It will probably be a mad rush the day or two before I start and then refining as I go.  I’m ok with that.  I bought mason jars so I can separate the glass, stones, small ceramic tiles, etc by type and color.  I want to have enough materials on hand to get started but I know I’ll have to purchase, make and find more as I go.   I started cutting the backing (1/4″ MDF) into 4″ squares.  I’ll need a handy place to store all the materials and each day’s completed mosaic – I guess I’ll have to clean out a cabinet in my work room.   I have to clear off my work table so I can actually have space on it to work.  It seems that the mail and other stuff have taken over the table.  I wonder where I’ll put that stuff when the project begins.  Too much to do but it’s the perfect excuse to finally clean up my work room and keep it clean and organized for the next year.

In addition to the physical preparation there’s the mental prep.  I really love this phase because before any project starts its limitless, everything is perfect and there are no problems.  I come up with ideas and each one works perfectly in my mind.   I love the dream phase so much that I sometimes don’t go past it.  I’ve been working on that, though.  I’m now finding that the force that keeps me moving forward into the actual creation of a project is the sense of accomplishment I feel as I move through the process of creating.  It’s just as amazing and fun as the dream phase.  Once I start the process I usually find that the end product is not exactly, or sometimes even close, to my dream image.   It doesn’t matter, though.  I move forward and whatever the outcome the process of creating is always worth it.  Immersing myself in creating is as important for me as breathing.  It keeps my spirit alive.  As I start this year-long endeavor I’ve been thinking about how much fun it’s going to be to see what I focus on each day. Will I work with one design in many colors? Will I work with one color in many designs? Will I explore materials? Will the mosaics reflect what’s going on in the rest of my life at the time or will I end up with a bunch of totally random 4″ squares?  What challenges will arise and what will I learn about myself? Will I get bored with the whole thing after a while?  I don’t want to limit myself or set too many rules for the project so at this point the answers to these questions are not important; but thinking about them is part of getting ready and it helps move me to the doing phase.  As I’m writing this,  I can feel the excitement building.  I feel it physically in my solar plexus and my heart, that sense of anticipation and a confirmation that this project is exactly right for me.  The encouraging comments from my friends are also amazing and feed my excitement.  Thank you everyone for cheering me on to the starting line.

3 thoughts on “Project Prep

  1. Judy I know how you feel! I tend to get stuck in the dream phase too, so I’m inspired by to look for that feeling of accomplishment you describe to help me move forward.

  2. Today’s the day! I can’t wait to see how creative you are with this project. I am going to do one mosaic a week, first because you have inspired me, and second because I want to give you all the support and encouragement you may need. Happy mosaicing!

  3. Sarrah, thanks so much for your support. I’m excited that you’re going to do the project with me. I hope I can add your creations to this blog.

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