Day 11 – Receptive Imagery

Today’s mosaic has a story.  I’m reading The Soul’s Palette by Cathy A. Malchiodi.  It’s about art’s “transformative powers for health and well-being”.  I had just read about Receptive Imagery.  This is a technique in which you become present in your body and with your breath as you meditate and then you notice any colors, shapes or images that come to you.  I tried it this morning during my meditation and I saw an open hand, palm up giving and receiving love, gratitude, peace and hope.

My intention with the mosaic was to create the feeling but not a literal image of what I saw.  I think I achieved this.   I was going to use a curved bowl sort of shape instead of the hand and fingers but as I was playing with it I saw fingers emerging and then added the palm of the hand.  It’s not a realistic open hand but I think it conveys the feeling of a hand.  In the image I saw during my meditation the position of the fingers was very important. When I look at the mosaic I get the same feeling I had during my meditation.  It feels like sacred art to me.   

I’m interested to know if you have the sense of what I described above when you look at the mosaic.  This piece feels kind of personal so I ‘m not sure how others will respond to it.

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3 Responses to Day 11 – Receptive Imagery

  1. grace757 says:

    Yes…it does feel sacred. Thank you for describing your process and displaying the mosaic. It reminds me of one of my meditation experiences about a year ago that gave me a sense of calm yet powerful energy flowing between my right and left index fingers. I felt connected to myself which meant that I was also connected to others in this calm yet powerful way.

  2. I definitely get that sense, especially from the colors flowing from the hand. Beautiful!

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