Day 12 – Triangles

I was driving home tonight thinking about my mosaic and stars came to mind – a whole sky filled with stars.  I couldn’t see any tonight because of the clouds but I knew they were there and I could imagine them filling the sky.  I thought about a way to create stars without actually making star shapes.  I came up with triangles.  After all, stars are made of triangles.  Tonight I bring you a sky full of triangles pretending to be stars.


I had glass that was already cut into triangles.  Can you believe it –  a night with no cutting glass at all!  I decided not to design the tile so much as just let it happen.  I just started putting the pieces on the board and moving them around until they fit together.  A few are off the edge but I’m ok with that.  I was surprised that triangles play so nicely together.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Triangles

  1. They do play nicely together! And I really like that they’re over the edge. Feels freeing 🙂

    1. It was a freeing feeling for me to realize the borders didn’t matter. It’s also amazing to me that the pieces only go over the edge a very little bit but just that little bit makes a big difference.

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