Day 13 – Flowers & Leaves

Today my inspiration came from a doodle in my journal.  The mosaic does not look anything like the original drawing but it served as a starting place.  As I worked on the mosaic it took on a life of its own and went in its own direction.

I remembered that I had some ceramic pieces that I made a few months ago that would work nicely as the flowers.  This was a good opportunity to use some of the things I’ve been making in mosaics class.  I was in my attic this morning and found some old mosaics supplies from years ago.  I had a bunch of little ceramic squares in different colors.  I cut the green squares into triangles and voila, I had leaves.  Remember this – the triangle is a very versatile shape limited only by your imagination. 

I was going to add stems to the flowers but realized that on such a small piece ceramic stems wouldn’t look right and I thought glass would disappear in the ceramics.  I decided to forget the stems and I added more flowers and leaf triangles.  This created a more abstract design.  I feel like I’m looking down on a bouquet of flowers. 

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