Day 14 – I Grouted Again

My second grouting session.  It went much better than last week.  I wasn’t quite so messy and it was easier to clean up.    Last week I said that I was going to grout all the mosaics from the week with one color of grout. Well, that’s over.  I decided today that the extra effort to mix the right color for each mosaic is worth it.  I’m much happier with the results and I think that the grout really finishes each mosaic and makes it look complete.  I’m very happy with this weeks work and I excited to find out what next week will bring. 

Figure 8
Add Some Jewels
Mythical Animal
Receptive Imagery
Flowers & Leaves

1 thought on “Day 14 – I Grouted Again

  1. These are beautiful…. I especially love how the grout affected the presentation of the ‘flowers and leaves’ mosaic..

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