Day 24 – Beach Glass Series

I wondered when I was going to do a series of related mosaics.  Well, here it is.  My intention is to use beach glass the rest of this week so I’ll have 4 mosaics that will work together.  We’ll see if it happens.  I could be onto something entirely different by tomorrow.  I’ve learned not to plan in advance with mosaics because when I actually start working spirit often shows me a different way to go.  I follow the guidance I receive and things always work out. 

I know the mosaic looks pretty random but remember, there will probably be three more squares that will complete the design.  The beach glass is so pretty.  I love the chunkiness and the colors and that it doesn’t have sharp edges.  By the way, the white clobs are glue.  They will dry clear.

2 thoughts on “Day 24 – Beach Glass Series

    1. Thanks. Looks like I’m going ahead with the beach glass series

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