Day 30 – My Earth Spirit

This week is about mosaics that just make me feel happy.  Today’s creation features a little face that I made a few months ago.  There’s an artist that makes earth spirits out of clay and she adds feathers, moss, twigs and other natural materials. They’re really cute.  I have a little one that I got many years ago that I love.  I thought I could make one myself but it was not as easy as I expected. I laugh every time I look at him.  I think he was wearing sun glasses when I glazed him.  Tonight he made it onto a mosaic, though.  I kept seeing him with spiky black hair but it ended up going all the way around his head.  Once I added the “hair” the piece told me what the rest should look like.  It’s ok to laugh at this one.

1 thought on “Day 30 – My Earth Spirit

  1. I love it!! It reminds me of a print I saw recently on entitled ‘BOO’.

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