Day 36 – Leaves

It was so nice to have today off from work.  I spent a few hours looking at other mosaic artists’ work on the internet.  I wanted to get some ideas for my work.  Not so much subject matter but techniques.  I hope it freshens up my ideas.

Tonight I made leaves.  I decided it would be fun to use pebbles in the background instead of my usual blue glass.  I might make this week all about leaves.  Let’s leave it open for now, though, and see how I feel tomorrow.

You may notice that I added a couple of new categories to my blog – Animal Mosaic Series and Other Mosaics.  I posted the work I’ve done so far in these 2 categories and will continue to add to them as I complete additional pieces.  Don’t expect it to happen too often as I’m pretty slow finishing the big mosaics.  Hope you like them!

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