Tree Landscape Series

When I started Mosaics class last September I decided to do 3 pieces with the same general design using different mosaic techniques.  I thought it would be a good way to learn about this medium. 

Tree Landscape 1 – Ceramic and stones. 19 1/2″ x 20 1/2 “

What I learned with this first mosaic was profound.  I wanted this to be very controlled and exactly 11″ x 14″. The technique was to cut out a slab of clay and then cut the pieces and put them together like a puzzle.  Well, as soon as I started to move the cut pieces of the puzzle they changed shape and I couldn’t figure out how to put them back together.  With the help of my mosaic teacher, Jessica, I got it back together and quickly realized that the idea of straight boarders was out of the question.  This is where I learned that I only have some control over the clay and what the end product is going to look like.  

Now I let the ideas come to me instead of imposing them on the clay and the mosaic.  As I see the mosaic in my mind I create what I see.  Each piece takes a long time because although I generally get an idea of the whole mosaic before I start, I see the details as I go.  It took a while for me to see how to put this together after my original plan didn’t work out.  I love the end result and see that it’s me.  I love the fluidity and movement.  Since this one I’ve gotten a little (but not much) faster now that I know my process.

The second in the series is made of Glass.  I created the tree with clay as I did in the first one and then added all the background using glass and  pebbles.  I textured the tree with a piece of real tree bark. 

Tree Landscape 2 – Ceramic, Glass and stones. 20″ x 24″











The third in the series came as a complete surprise.  I decided to make a mosaic as a gift.  It was going to be a smaller version of the first two.  Again, you can see that I really don’t control the end product.  I started by making the tree as I did in the glass piece.  When I placed it on the board I realized it needed to be way bigger than I had planned.  After I glued the tree onthe board I saw the coyote with the bandana howling at the moon and the bird in the tree.  I don’t know where the coyote came from but I think he’s linked to the person this one is going to.  The background is cut and broken ceramic pieces and the border is glass.  


This was a little challenging to make because the background pieces are all different sizes and textures.  It’s a combination of clay tiles that I cut up and broken pottery.  I love the end result and the coyote is so fun. 

I didn’t know it was the third in the series until it was almost finished and I realized that I used different materials than in the first two.  I had another piece in mind for the third one.  I guess it’s now going to be a series of four instead of three!

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