Day 263 – Bunny

I had a hard time deciding on a design for tonight.  This only happens once in a while and I really don’t like it.  I had a bunch of gray glass out that I wanted to use but didn’t know what to do with it.  I finally ended up with a bunny.

Mosaic project day 263

Can you see him?  He’s sort of camouflaged.  I’ll make him stand out more when I grout.

2 thoughts on “Day 263 – Bunny

  1. Love how stones can look so soft. This reminds me of a baby bunny I saw in a garden with a fence with a sign to help them keep out the bunnies. He sat very still and I think pretended to meditate until we tiptoed off and he could resume his sampling of the veggies.

    1. Thanks Laurel. I started out trying to make a mosaic of a cloudy sky but the glass felt too angular to represent clouds. I was able to get just the right softness for the bunny, though.

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