Day 364 – Grouting Week 52

Week 52, I did it!  This is the last Sunday grouting for this project.  I’m amazed and proud that I completed this project.  Tomorrow is officially the last day.  I’m not sure yet what I’ll post but I want to have an official last day posting.

This week was really fun.  I enjoyed going back to the first week and looking at the mosaics, reading what I wrote about them and remembering what it felt like as I started this year long project.

So here we, go my last six mosaics.  Enjoy!

Monday - Spiral Doodle
Monday – Spiral Doodle
Tuesday - Cloudy Day
Tuesday – Cloudy Day
Wednesday - Cloudy Moon
Wednesday – Cloudy Moon
Thursday - Saturn
Thursday – Saturn
Friday - Turtle
Friday – Turtle
Saturday - Flower Detail
Saturday – Flower Detail






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